Iris de la Torre Beautiful Fantastical Bird Brooch

Iris de la Torre

Iris de la Torre Beautiful Fantastical Bird Brooch

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This design is inspired by an emblematic bird from Central and South America called Quetzal.  

The Quetzal bird has an iridescent tail, this precious bird was sacred to the ancient Maya and Aztec peoples, and royalty and priests wore its feathers during ceremonies. It takes about 3 years for male Quetzales to grow their long tail feathers. The Emperor Moctezuma's headdress was made of Quetzal and other feathers with sewn-on gold detailing.  

Materials: Made of glitter silver acrylic and printed lilac, green and yellow like rainbow graphic feathers with a base metal and stainless steel clasp components. It comes with a gift box and a card with a graphic illustration.   

Dimensions: 7 cm approximately

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Iris de la Torre Beautiful Fantastical Bird Brooch

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